Our Terms & Agreement

IFPLS Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all agreements that IFPLS concludes. IFPLS aims at having transparent and unambiguous terms and conditions so that everyone can understand them and not just lawyers. If any terms or conditions should be unclear, please inform IFPLS client care center via our email: ccc@ifpls.aero. Individual agreements that are specified in the contract also apply and are the guiding principle if they contradict the Service level Agreement (SLA).

The agreement is being concluded for an indefinite period where a minimum of one year shall apply unless agreed otherwise. When an agreement is concluded, the customer will receive a credential for the use of the IFPLS online. This will be complimentary subscription. This credential will allow the client to purchase services with the related quantities and date of delivery. The credential may only be used for the own company of the customer by an authorized person(s). Employees can, subsequently, have a user, administrator or another role based on the company requirement. A specification of the offered Services, prices and graduated scales shall be agreed in separate “pricing Annex or section” in the contract. IFPLS pursues a policy in line with the market and price index about its prices. IFPLS may index prices on an annual basis where the consumer price index figures are considered for the period of the past year. Upon indexing, IFPLS will send a message to customers before in which the percentage will be specified. The indexing shall come into effect as from the first invoice in the next calendar year.

Invoicing IFPLS Services Purchases:  

IFPLS will send its invoices after delivering the services, or when they get any 3rd party invoices related to your online inquiries or Purchase orders. IFPLS invoice will include full information about the Services; Purchased, quantities, date of Delivery, and quantities for each service. All invoices are sent through email as a PDF to the recorder emails addresses registered in our company “Credit Application form”. The payment period will be maximum 14 days unless agreed otherwise. IFPLS online capabilities to purchase services will be limited automatically if payments are not settled within 21 Days, if it is still unpaid after 30 days, client account will be closed promptly, and extra interest of 10% per month or any fraction of it will be added to the overdue statement.



IFPLS takes suitable technical and organizational measures continuously to ensure that the customer's personal data is secure against loss related to any form of unlawful processing. These measures are deemed as being of a suitable security level in the sense of the GDPR. IFPLS shall offer assistance to customers to ensure that they can comply with the obligations vested on them based on the GDPR and other applicable legislation and regulations with regard to the processing of personal data. The customer is entitled to check compliance with this in consultation with IFPLS during the duration of the agreement by an independent expert, for example, by having an audit carried out. The customer shall bear all the costs in relation with this audit. the customer must inform IFPLS immediately of any binding Security instructions. IFPLS shall do everything it can be reasonably be expected of it to ensure compliance is possible.



IFPLS has no control over the personal data that are made available by the customer. Without requirement in view of the nature of the issued instructions by the customer, explicit permission from the customer or a legal obligation, IFPLS shall not issue the data to third parties or process for other objectives than for the agreed objectives. The customer guarantees that the personal data may be processed based on a basis as specified in the GDPR. Insofar as this is required based on the applicable legislation and regulations, data controllers are entitled to carry out audits to check whether IFPLS complies with the conditions and provisions as set down in the agreement, regulatory rules and/or applicable mandatory law. IFPLS shall inform the customer as soon as possible about such an audit unless this is prohibited.

IFPLS Online

IFPLS Online is reliable, secure and fast. IFPLS works together with external parties to make IFPLS Online services available. In addition, IFPLS Online works with professional internal parties to safeguard security and make sure all services provided are monitored and supervised. IFPLS has made clear agreements with its supplier and customers for the required Services and Service level agreements. Optimum backup procedures guarantee an optimum continuity where we assume a great experience for our customers.



IFPLS Online performance should be good but is dependent on the Internet connection and setup of the environment of the customer. IFPLS measures an average response time of less than 1 minute for any service request. The response times of these and other functions within IFPLS Profit may greatly vary depending on the type of function, quantity of data, customer-specific set-up and user emails settings. If you are experience performance disruptions, contact the Client Care Centre; CCC@ifpls.aero


Opening times and additional support

Client Care Center is available 06:00 GMT till 21:00 GMT, The Client Care Center can always be consulted through the email that will provide an answer to the asked questions in all cases. If you may need any help outside the working hours of the Client Care Center, you can contact our 24/7 operations team on ops@ifpls.aero.


Services and responsibilities

IFPLS Provide all Aviation and flight support services, IFPLS online  provide only few services out of the list of services that IFPLS can provide, IFPLS online will be continuingly developed to cover all current services and to add more services for our service list in the near future. As the Client is applying online for his required services, the client is responsible for correct application and any extra charges may be occurred due to his application, IFPLS is not responsible for any incorrect operation or extra services provide by the third parties based on incorrect application submitted by the customer online.

Anyway, IFPLS will provide any possible support to their client and try with the 3rd parties suppliers to claim some items, but there is no guarantee to refund or waive any extra fees imposed by incorrect submission by client using IFPLS online.

For better performance and Client care measures, IFPLS team will be monitoring If the application requires adjustment to be 100 % sure the your application is accepted without any delay, IFPLS will contact the customer to implement the required adjustment in case they find any necessity to have an amendments.


Should you need any further information, or you may have any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact our client care Center on : ccc@ifpls.aero