Linguistic and Translation Escorting services

Linguistic and Translation Escorting services

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Linguistic and Escorting services

Being a visitor in a country with foreign cultural, linguistic, social, and environmental customs can be intimidating and potentially dangerous. Many people who visit foreign countries for the first time are not prepared for daily life and start their business or travel without local assistance. Differences in language and cultural customs can easily lead to misunderstandings and discomfort that lead to a bad experience for the visitor, as well as ruining business and travel.

it is vitally important to make sure foreign guests and visitors have access to someone who understands their culture, as well as the various cultural and social norms prevalent throughout the foreign country. At IFPLS, our worldwide language interpreters and tour guides have spent most of their lives escorting visitors in their home countries, and all of our language interpreters are native speakers of their target languages and dialects meaning they have first-hand, personal experience with the cultural background of the foreign visitors. This allows our language escorts and tour guides to not only bridge the language interpreting gap, but the cultural communication gap as well.

Our escort language interpreters and tour guides enjoy a wonderful relationship with private, public, and governmental agencies, organizations, and institutions throughout the targeted country that trust us with escorting foreign visitors associated with them as guests and visitors. These agencies, organizations, and institutions represent all walks of life and industrial backgrounds, including:

·        Military

·        Business

·        Personal

·        Athletics/Sports

·        Medical

·        Government

·        Academic

·        Professional

·        Industrial

·        Entertainment

Our language translators have escorted foreign dignitaries, athletes, entertainers, scholars, CEOs, and many other people—all who are essentially important to us regardless of stature, prominence, or profession.

IFPLS has contracted a wide range of interpreters and translators who are fully qualified to translate from their languages to clients’ languages with high efficiency and professional manners for the following services:

Document translation, audio transcription, and over-the-phone interpretation

Community Interpreting – school systems, public services, refugee resettlement services

Interpreting in Medical/Health settings: Hospital ER, doctor’s offices, and other legal settings.

Interpreters for Court hearings, trials, depositions, immigration, and United States Citizenship Tests preparing.

Travel and tourism services, and escort Visitors inside their countries or Abroad

IFPLS Translation and interpretation escorts are qualified and certified to assist your clients, passengers, Crew, or your business staff with:

·        Conference Interpreting

·        Escorting Foreign Visitors

·        Guided Tours

·        Language Interpreting Code of Ethics

·        Legal Interpreting

·        Medical Interpreter

·        Overseas Language Escort

·        Sign Language Interpreter

·        Insurance Investigation Interviews

Some of the languages that we are providing translation for our clients:

Arabic, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, African languages, Malaysian, Russian, Indian, Urdu, Persian, and too much more

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