Aircraft Charter Services

Aircraft Charter Services


With over 10 years of experience in the Aircraft Charter market, we work with clients and experienced air carriers to arrange the most suitable aircraft that comply with your business and luxury requirements.

IFPLS will be pleased to help you with any Aircraft Chartering Service at the earliest time possible, IFPLS has contracted international airliners and business jet operators around the globe to be ready to provide the required aircraft at the most competitive cost without any delay for the following Charter Services:

·        VIP & Private Business Aircraft Charter

·        Cargo Charter

·        Passenger Group Charter

·        Charter for Social entertainment and Business activities

VIP & Private Business Aircraft Charter

IFPLS provides highly luxurious aircraft and helicopters that fit business owners, celebrities, royal families, and government delegates VIP flights. IFPLS offers an Ambulance Aircraft Charter for medical evacuation purposes as well.

Cargo Charter Air Cargo charter services around the world

IFPLS provides air cargo charter services around the world due to having very strong connections and charter contracts with several international cargo airliners, to lease any size of cargo aircraft from small jets for quick deliveries, to freighters for heavy loads, as well as providing courier service.

Our well-trained Cargo Chartering Staff have the full knowledge and experience in cargo operation needs, our team understands exactly what it takes to manage a charter flight from start to finish.

The IFPLS Cargo Charter team is experienced enough to handle any aircraft that can operate your huge loads of freight flights for automotive components and manufacturing materials. IFPLS ensures that all your shipments reach their destination within your budget and schedule for the following cargo flights:

General Cargo flights.

Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) and Dangerous Goods Cargo flights.

Humanitarian and relief urgent Cargo flights.

Outsized and Heavy Cargo.

Livestock and Animals cargo flights.

Military Cargo flights

It doesn’t matter how it difficult is to reach your target destination; we are capable of securing the needed aircraft to reach any desired airport even in rarely operating airports in remote areas. We have a dedicated staff who are experienced with obtaining the needed clearances to bring your objectives accomplished without any barriers.

Passenger Group Charter

IFPLS can secure passenger aircraft operated by prestigious VIP jet airliners and commercial airliners.        

IFPLS has built up a strong relationship with highly qualified airliners to create our group transportation charter solutions around the world, which is very beneficial for multinational businesses, sports teams, entertainment management companies, relief agencies, and governments.           

We offer a personalized group air taxi service, tailoring every aspect of the group air charter experience to your precise needs. Our team will provide a truly memorable experience, enabling you to be punctual with your scheduled times and dates of flights, choose from a wide range of airlines, and select from several options related to catering and passenger handling on the grounds.     

Charter for Social entertainment and Business activities.

IFPLS can provide small and midsize aircraft suitable for Tourism, sightseeing, short local or regional transportation, special flights for advertisements, and film production. We are also capable of securing old aircraft that can be used for historical documentaries that require such kinds of old aircraft.


Travelling by air charter shall be a reasonable investment and a luxurious option at the same time, IFPLS will provide you with your desired option quote in addition to the most cost-effective option if you would like to have the most competitive price and the highest quality of charter. IFPLS contracted several international operators for business jets, helicopters, propeller planes, and light jets, which can take off and land at any airport regardless of the runway length enabling passengers to land at the nearest airport to their final destinations to shorten their route and flying time that minimizing your cost and preserving your flight quality.

Charter Service Level Agreement

IFPLS has a service-level agreement with all contracted Air operators, that maintains board hospitality and airport services by providing full supervision for all services related to Catering, ground handling, and passenger handling by our dedicated operations and dispatching a team to follow up and ensure the highest flight quality step by step.

How to apply for a Charter Quote?

Whenever you have a plan to have a charter to any country, just contact our Charter team at their 24/7 email:, or you can apply via our online services application portal

Our team will send you the quotation for your desired aircraft and they will also provide you with any other available options to the desired airport with the quote of each offer, so you can select your preferred charter option according to your need and budget.

To prepare for your charter through any airport around the world, please contact the IFPLS charter operations team at any time.

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