Meet and Greet Services

Meet and Greet Services

VIP services at any Airport around the world

What is the Meet and Greet services?


Nothing is better than to have a smiling face to greet you when you arrive at an unknown destination. IFPLS greeters will be there to receive you as you walk out of the aircraft. All through immigration, customs and baggage collection, they will ensure you are well taken care of.

Airport Meet and Greet is a personal VIP service providing a professional greeter to accompany travelers through the airport. Our local greeters will help passengers navigate through airport security, paperwork and physical challenges that are part of the international travel.

Meet and Greet Services ensure that every airport experience is as smooth, quick and easy as possible, while still complying with full airport security procedures.

IFPLS recognize that visitors of any country may face a lot of difficulties upon arrival due to several factors such as visited country’s cultures, regulations, languages, security and safety issues…etc. so we ensure that our Meet and Greet Services are totally bespoke and personal. Our clients can select personalized services they need to get to any new airport in the fastest way and most stress-free means possible.

IFPLS staff members can assist you in English or you can also request special translator assistance at any locations.

IFPLS provides worldwide Meet and Greet Services, our local staff are well trained and have long experience in every place in the served airport, our greeters can assist with the following optional services upon arrival or departure so our clients can select their preferable meet and greet services according to their requirements and budget:


Arrival Meet and Greet Service includes :

ü  Welcome passengers at the restricted area before entry formalities, or at the nearest place possible to the aircraft area, according to the airport regulations.

ü  Escort the passenger to the VIP or CIP hall if available at the airport

ü  Handle priority entry procedures

ü  Arranging porter Services

ü  Arranging Visa upon arrival procedures

ü  Guide and support the passenger to luggage claim

ü  Support the customs procedures, priority screening (Fast Track)

ü  Lead passengers to car

ü  Escort passengers to their car

ü  More luxurious services may be applied depend on the airport facilities

ü  Secured and Safe VIP transportation can be added to this service

Departure Meet and Greet  Service includes:

ü  Arranging Safe and secured VIP transportation from the passenger location to the airport

ü  Welcome passengers at the international departure terminal

ü  Escort passengers to the transit area or the VIP / CIP hall

ü  Pick up passports + luggage claim tickets before entry formalities in the terminal.

ü  Escort passengers through immigration and Customs if needed

ü  Handle entry procedure

ü  Assist with luggage handover and screening procedure

ü  Transfer luggage, passport to passengers/representatives

ü  VAT refund assistance if exist.


Who Can benefit of the Meet and Greet Service?

Our Meet and Greet Service is particularly helpful for any kind of travelers:

  • ·         Celebrities, diplomats and VIPs who wish to stay out of the public eye.
  • ·         Business travelers and frequent fliers who have urgent meetings/ tight schedules.
  • ·         Passengers with reduced mobility
  • ·         Travelers who need assistance with unfamiliar procedures
  • ·         Travelers who may need language assistance
  • ·         Mothers with young children who require an extra pair of hands
  • ·         Travelers who are used to having staff to assist
  • ·         Travelers who wants to Fast Track and avoid long lines
  • ·         Airlines crew who are attending via commercial airlines to join their next duty.
  • ·         Kids or students who are traveling alone without their parents for study or family visits.
  • ·         Groups of passengers who are coming for business meetings, Tourism or Family visit.  
  • ·         Transit passenger who have a limited amount of time between two flights, will benefit of the fastest way through the airport, our greeter will accompany them in fast airport sightseeing via duty free or lounges and guide them in time to the boarding hall.


How to apply for my meet and greet services?

Whenever you have a plan to visit any country, just contact our meet and greet team at their 24/7 email :, or you can apply for our service online from our service online application portal

Our team will send you all available options at the desired airport with the price of each service, so you can select your preferable services according to your need and budget.

To prepare for your journey through any airport around the world, please contact IFPLS meet and greet operations team at any time and please make sure to book the Meet & Greet service at least 48 hours before your flight's departure.


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