Express PCR test

Express PCR test

The Quickest Results within few hours in the same day

IFPLS can provide an Express COVID-19 test results. we provide you with the quickest PCR test results supports your ability to travel where a COVID-19 negative test result is required, or to return to work if your employer is requesting a negative result.

The express coronavirus PCR test is ideal for anyone who needs to prove a negative COVID-19 infection results for travel or work. The express option ensures results are returned to you within few hours of your sample being collected. If your destination country has entry requirements for a COVID-19 travel certificate that is dated with 72 hours of your departure/arrival – the express coronavirus test is the appropriate test to meet these requirements.

we are also able to secure the PCR test in your accommodation place or drive thru on the way to avoid waiting in lines with the others.

we have several type of express covid-19 test  the quickest one takes few hours to get the result 3 up to 6 hours, quick test you get the results between 12 up to 24 hours, and the normal test takes up to 48 hours to get your results. This is the maximum time it will take from when you have collected your swab sample. This ensures certificates are dated in accordance with some countries requirement for certificates dated up to 72 hours before arrival/departure.

for more information, you can contact our 24/7 operations department via email [email protected]