Aircraft Disinfection and Disinsection

Aircraft Disinfection and Disinsection

Removing any infection or dirtiness out of aviation world

IFPLS recognizes that routine cleaning and disinfection are important aspects of aircraft and airport operations. aircraft disinfection procedures following transport of a suspected case of communicable disease are a particularly difficult issue that needs to be addressed by many authorities and suppliers in a cooperative approach; not all effective disinfectants are suitable for use on board aircraft, as they may cause corrosion or other damage to the aircraft structure and contents, or their fumes may be noxious to inhale in an unventilated space.

Every Operator may need an urgent disinfection process to preserve Aircraft, Aircrew, and passenger health at the international level. Liquid and solid waste disposal is a shared responsibility of the airlines, the airport operators, and the ground service providers. Under the supervision of the health authority, they must use an effective system for the removal, transport, and disposal of solid and liquid waste. Guide to Hygiene and Sanitation in Aviation for Human populations, livestock, and crops must be protected against the spread of disease by insects and rodents that may be inadvertently transported by air.

IFPLS has prepared a prior contract with a global network of Disinfection and disinsection organizations around the world, especially in the regions where common health issues such as (Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya fever, Plague, Ebola, SARS …etc.) to the extermination of diseases, insects, and rodents by airport and aircraft operators. The issue of aircraft disinsection is particularly controversial and will be covered in detail. Cargo operations, especially animal transport and hazardous material, are an important concern mainly for aircraft operators. Ensuring compliance of the shippers and maintaining the cleanliness of cargo areas are two of the main responsibilities of aircraft operators.

IFPLS will be pleased to help you with any Disinfection or Disinsection operation in any location or airport around the world, our well-trained team will be helping your Crew control the entire cleaning procedure to have it according to your standards. just submit your application online via our services portal or apply it via email to our 24/7 operations team: