Global Catering Services

Global Catering Services

Get Your Catering Order Right

Generally, Airlines and business charter operators have their unique vision and standards for Catering, Every Operator would like to get Catering delivery in their ideal ways that control their manual and procedures for Catering safety and quality standards. 

IFPLS have contracts with the most luxurious Catering companies around the world to facilitate your mission and deliver the catering to our clients as they wish, IFPLS team can provide, via their Catering partners, a large menu of Business and Private Flight VIP catering, in addition to the Commercial airlines catering.

IFPLS team has long experience in providing Catering and beverage options, designed to fit any budget, we focus on culinary and operational excellence and consistently provide the most luxurious quality products and services tailored to make your passenger like your services on board.

you don't have to mind about any special catering requirements, we have a list of high quality and categorized catering suppliers at each location so we can provide you with high numbers of cuisines, Middle Eastern, Far-eastern, American or Western cuisine, we respect our client’s requirement and deliver the special catering exactly as ordered, we can provide Halal Catering, Kosher catering, Vegetarian Catering. 

our well-trained ISO Certified caterers with the highest Hygiene Standards can help you to get whatever you need on board your flight. Just ask for the meal you need and our Catering team will prepare it as you wish and will introduce it in any containers or platters that fit your standards

From menu design through execution and delivery, our passion is giving you and your passengers an exceptional experience. To ensure that our high standards are met and maintained, we are selecting the finest catering companies to provide operational excellence delivery and meal quality.

For our airline customers, we provide comprehensive catering services that are standardized for having the best quality possible, and for the most competitive offers, our Catering dedicated team has your aircraft covered from cockpit to tail, on the ground, and in flight.

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