Global Fuel Arrangement

Global Fuel Arrangement

Fueling Your Success

IFPLS can fuel your flights with the different types of fuel. Jet A, Jet A-1, Jet B, Avgas, Jet TS-1, Biofuel and more. 

IFPLS Provides special fuel rates. You can select your preferred payment method for the aircraft refueling so you can manage the payment method up to your demand; 

IFPLS can get the payment as cash basis by the crew, Credit card or provide you with Credit facility if needed.

Our fuel dedicated team is focused, and ready to refuel and supervise your aircraft refueling 24/7. Our great portfolio with the local fuel suppliers allow us to offer competitive prices and quotation within few minutes.

Whenever you decided to refuel your aircraft our experienced team will be happy to manage your refueling in time without any delay.

Moreover, our fuel supervisors are specialized and well-trained for any emergency or normal case that require defueling services, as we are continuously training our staff for the international safety standard, our specialized staff will be strictly enforcing safety procedures and they are focused on getting all securities measurements done as extreme caution is required to avoid damaging aircraft fuel tanks and avoid serious injury or property damage.

If you may have any fuel inquiry please doesn’t hesitate to send your inquiry via our online application form , or send to our 24/7 operations