IT Consultant ( Full time or Part time )

IT Consultant ( Full time or Part time )

IT Consultant ( Full time or Part time )

We are looking for Technology Specialists who are creative problem solvers for the position of IT Consultant.

Candidates shall be capable and responsible for implementing technological solutions to solve business problems, creating a schedule for analysis, implementation and testing of technology to ensure consistency of use, among other duties.

Moreover, IT Consultants will require to communicate with international technical companies and shall have exceptional interpersonal and communicative ability.

IT Consultant Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing a company's IT system and infrastructure.
  • Diagnosing IT system problems, inefficiencies and weaknesses.
  • Planning a timeline for completion of projects.
  • Implementing a technological solution to meet business needs.
  • Analyzing and determining security threats.
  • Providing advice on technology best practices.
  • Collaborating with technical in-house team to ensure familiarity with technology.
  • Training staff to use the new IT system.
  • Monitoring the success of IT solution.

IT Consultant Requirements:

  • Experience in the entire international companies Communications tools.
  • Proficiency with database languages.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Creative problem-solving skills.
  • Analytical mindset.
  • Good time management and organizational skills.
Note: Part time work is considerable, please mention "Part time" in in your cover letter if you are looking for such opportunity.
Job Location : Lebanon - Beirut