Aircraft Performance Engineer

Aircraft Performance Engineer

Aircraft Performance Engineer

Open Vacancy                  : Aircraft Performance Engineer

A/C type Rating              : Airbus / Boeing any model 

Applicant Nationality : Any nationality, recommended to hold one of the nationalities of the following countries; Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Azerbaijan, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Jordan and Sudan.

Job Location                     :  Based in Lebanon / Travel Abroad to meet our client in different countries

Requirements                 :

Degree in an Engineering Discipline (preferably Aeronautical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering), or equivalent professional qualification

Job Description              :

Highly qualified Aircraft Performance engineers are required to join IFPLS team to achieve the following requirements:

-         Provide technical expertise on all relevant Flight Ops Performance Engineering aspects, including but not limited to aircraft performance, weight and balance, AHM PM, engine out procedures, aircraft documentation, operations planning and optimization, fuel conservation and operating cost optimization.

-         This role is also the focal for Boeing Onboard Performance Tool (OPT) and Airbus performance tools N-performance, to strive to improve the performance efficiency of our client operations.


Key Activities                  :

1.     Provide Technical advice and assistance on all aspects of Aircraft Performance Engineering

2.     Contribute to performance documentation technical content, customization, revision and production in relevant published manuals and support material

3.     Ensure that regulated performance for Take-off, En-route and Landing are monitored and revised on a regular basis:


- Constant monitoring and updating of airport database

- Design, validation and implementation of Engine Out procedures

- NOTAM assessment and implementation configuration and maintenance of the electronic performance tool


Validation as appropriate of escape procedures for Drift down and Depressurization


Constant monitoring and updating of airport database

Configuration and maintenance of the electronic performance tool

Research and apply methods to increase weights from landing performance penalties


4.     Contribute to Weight and Balance aspects for our client, including but not limited to:
AHM560/565 data construction and validation
Load and Trim sheet production and validation
 In Service modification and reweigh calculation and validation

5.     Ensure that non normal procedures, or dispatch under MEL items that affect aircraft performance are analyzed, and proper guidance produced for crew and Dispatch.

6.     Produce and validate low speed technical analysis in conjunction with the Senior Performance Engineer to support terminal environment/runway area operations

7.     Act as required validator and crosscheck point for colleague data adjustment

8.     Support and administer Altea FM system.

9.     Where possible support ACARS/data link service provision (role specific)

10.   Review Airfield Type A and B Obstacle Charts for analysis and issue resolution

11.   Act as Aircraft Performance Monitoring focal, to ensure that back office and aircraft systems accurately reflect aircraft specific fuel flow. Perform and report on APM and ensure liaison with CFM and internal Engineering SMEs (role specific)

12.   Support the Senior Manager Flight Operations and Senior Performance Engineer in fleet and route evaluation, and development activity.

13.   The Capability to install and manage FMS Nav data base