Rules to Operate in Mali

Rules to Operate in Mali

Rules to Operate in Mali

Mali, located in West Africa, is a country with a rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and a rapidly developing aviation industry. Mali has three main airports with terminals, namely, Bamako-Sénou International Airport (BKO, GABS), Kayes Airport (KYS, GAKD), and Gao Airport (GAQ, GAGO). Bamako-Sénou International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Mali, with modern facilities and numerous airlines operating regularly. Kayes Airport and Gao Airport are smaller airports but still offer essential services for passengers and crew members.

Crew members who intend to enter Mali must obtain a visa. The visa application can be made at the Malian Embassy or Consulate in the crew member's home country. Alternatively, crew members can apply for a visa on arrival at Bamako-Sénou International Airport. The visa on arrival is available for crew members with pre-approved authorization from the Malian authorities. It is important to note that the visa on arrival is not available for all nationalities, and crew members should check with the Malian authorities for their eligibility.

Handling all necessary services for flights to Mali can be a frightening task, especially for crew members who are not familiar with the local regulations and procedures. This is where an aviation flight support company comes in handy. They offer a range of services, including obtaining permits, handling ground handling, fuel, catering, and security services, among others.

One of the best aviation flight support companies is International Flight Planning Solutions. IFPLS has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing world-class services to clients. IFPLS have a deep understanding of the local regulations and procedures, and they can handle any challenge that may arise. With their help, crew members can focus on their core duties, knowing that their flight operations are in safe hands.

In conclusion, Mali is a beautiful country with a growing aviation industry. Crew members can enjoy seamless operations by using the services of a reliable aviation flight support company such as IFPLS. With their help, crew members can focus on their primary duties, knowing that all necessary services are well taken care of.

Other Minor Airports in Mali are:

Tombouctou Located in Tombouctou, MALI ICAO - GATB, IATA – TOM

Mopti/Ambodedjo-Barbe Located in Mopti, MALI ICAO - GAMB, IATA – MZI

Kayes/Dag-Dag Located in Kayes, MALI ICAO - GAKD, IATA – KYS

Sikasso/Dignangan Located in Sikasso, MALI ICAO - GASO, IATA – KSS

Yelimane Located in Yelimane, MALI ICAO - GAYE, IATA – EYL

Tessalit Located in Tessalit, MALI ICAO – GATS

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