Requisite Knowledge for Operating in South Africa

Requisite Knowledge for Operating in South Africa

Requisite Knowledge for Operating in South Africa

South Africa is a popular destination for both leisure and business travelers, offering stunning landscapes, rich history, and a diverse culture. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for crew members, it is important to understand the country's airports, visa procedures, and the role of International Flight Planning Solutions.

South Africa has several international airports, including OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg (JNB, FAOR), Cape Town International Airport (CPT, FACT), and King Shaka International Airport (DUR, FALE) in Durban. These airports offer modern facilities and services for passengers and crew members, including duty-free shopping, restaurants, and lounges.

Smaller regional airports in South Africa also play a critical role in connecting the country, with many private aviation companies and charter operators utilizing these airports for their convenience and flexibility. These airports often have shorter runways and fewer facilities but offer a more personalized and efficient service.

Port Elizabeth International is Located in Port Elizabeth, EC, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAPE, IATA – PLZ

East London Located in East London, EC, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAEL, IATA – ELS

Upington is Located in Upington, NC, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAUP, IATA – UTN

Pietermaritzburg Located in Pietermaritzburg, NL, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAPM, IATA – PZB

Margate is Located in Margate, NL, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAMG, IATA - MGH

Skukuza is Located in Kruger Park, MP, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FASZ, IATA – SZK

Sun City/Pilanesberg Intl Located in Sun City, NW, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAPN, IATA – NTY

Bhisho-Bulembu is Located in Bisho, EC, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FABE, IATA – BIY

Ulundi/Prince M Buthelezi Located in Ulundi, NL, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAUL, IATA – ULD

Ladysmith Located in Ladysmith, NL, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FALY, IATA – LAY

Springbok is Located in Springbok, NC, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FASB, IATA - SBU

Klerksdorp Located in Klerksdorp, NW, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAKD, IATA – KXE

Secunda Located in Secunda, MP, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FASC, IATA – ZEC

Thaba N'Chu Located in Thaba N'Chu, FS, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FATN, IATA – TCU

George Located in George, WC, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAGG, IATA – GRJ

Lanseria International is Located in Johannesburg, GT, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FALA, IATA – HLA

Kruger Mpumalanga International is Located in Nelspruit, MP, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAKN, IATA – MQP

Johannesburg/Rand Located in Johannesburg, GT, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAGM, IATA – QRA

Richards Bis ay Located in Richards Bay, NL, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FARB, IATA – RCB

MalaMala Located in MalaMala, MP, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAMD, IATA – AAM

Umtata/Mthatha/K.D. Matanzima Located in Umtata, EC, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAUT, IATA – UTT

Mafikeng/Mmabatho International Located in Mafikeng, NW, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAMM, IATA – MBD

Kathu/Sishen Located in Kathu, NC, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FASS, IATA – SIS

Eastgate/Hoedspruit AB Located in Hoedspruit, LP, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAHS, IATA – HDS

Alexander Bay is Located in Alexander Bay, NC, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAAB, IATA – ALJ

Nelspruit Located in Nelspruit, MP, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FANS, IATA – NLP

Malelane Located in Malelane, MP, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAMN, IATA – LLE

Komatipoort is Located in Komatipoort, MP, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAKP, IATA – KOF

Kimberley is Located in Kimberley, NC, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAKM, IATA – KIM

Bloemfontein/Bram Fischer International Located in Bloemfontein, FS, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FABL, IATA – BFN

Polokwane International Located in Polokwane, LP, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAPP, IATA - PTG

Pretoria/Wonderboom National Located in Pretoria, GT, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAWB, IATA – PRY

Phalaborwa/Kruger Park Gateway Located in Phalaborwa, LP, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAPH, IATA – PHW

Durban/Virginia Located in Durban, NL, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAVG, IATA – VIR

Aggeneys is Located in Aggeneys, NC, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAAG, IATA – AGZ

Plettenberg Bay Located in Plettenberg Bay, WC, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAPG, IATA – PBZ

Kleinsee Located in Kleizee, NC, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAKZ, IATA – KLZ

Midrand/Grand Central Located in Midrand, GT, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAGC, IATA – GCJ

Alldays AB is Located in Alldays, LP, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAAL, IATA – ADY

Welkom Located in Welkom, FS, SOUTH AFRICA ICAO - FAWM, IATA – WEL

South Africa has a visa-free policy for many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and many European countries. However, crew members who are not from these countries may require a visa to enter South Africa.

Crew members can obtain a temporary residence visa or a work visa, depending on their job role and the duration of their stay in the country. The visa application process can be complex, requiring a range of documents and information, such as a valid passport, proof of employment, and a letter of invitation from a South African employer.

International Flight Planning Solutions in South Africa play a crucial role in supporting airlines, private aviation companies, and crew members. IFPLS offers a range of services, including ground handling, fueling, customs clearance, and catering. IFPLS is a leading flight support company in South Africa. IFPLS provides a range of services such as ground handling, customs clearance, and security services.

In conclusion, South Africa is a beautiful and diverse country that offers unique experiences for both leisure and business travelers. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience, it is important to understand the country's airports, visa procedures, and the role of flight support companies. With the help of IFPLS, crew members can focus on their duties and enjoy all that South Africa has to offer.

If you require assistance with any services at these airports, International Flight Planning Solutions is available to help. You can easily reach IFPLS by using the online contact form available at In case you need any extra information or assistance with planning your trip, you can contact the operations department of IFPLS at without any hesitation.

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