Information Useful To Know Prior To Visiting Burkina Faso

Information Useful To Know Prior To Visiting Burkina Faso

Information Useful To Know Prior To Visiting Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso, located in West Africa, is landlocked with a rich cultural heritage and diverse landscape. The country has several international airports with modern facilities and services for those looking to travel to Burkina Faso by air.

The two main airports in Burkina Faso are Ouagadougou International Airport (OUA, DFFD) and Bobo Dioulasso Airport (BOY, DFOO).

Ouagadougou International Airport is the largest airport in the country, serving as the primary gateway for international flights. It has two terminals, with Terminal 1 being used for international flights and Terminal 2 for domestic flights. The airport has several amenities, including duty-free shops, restaurants, and lounges.

Bobo Dioulasso Airport, on the other hand, is located in the southwestern part of the country and primarily serves domestic flights. It has one terminal building with basic facilities, including a small café and a souvenir shop.

Regarding visa procedures for crews, Burkina Faso requires crew members to have a valid visa to enter the country. However, crew members may be eligible for visa-free entry if they meet certain criteria, such as holding a valid crew ID and passport with at least six months of validity. It's essential to note that visa requirements and regulations can change frequently, so checking the latest requirements before traveling is crucial.

Working with a reliable flight support aviation company is advisable to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for crews and passengers traveling to Burkina Faso. One such company is International Flight Planning Solutions (IFPLS), which provides a range of services, including obtaining overflight and landing permits, arranging fuel, handling and ground support services, and coordinating airport transfers. IFPLS has a team of experienced professionals who can assist with all the necessary arrangements to ensure a seamless trip to Burkina Faso.

In conclusion, Burkina Faso is a fascinating country with a rich cultural heritage and many attractions worth exploring. Traveling to the country by air is made easy with modern airports, including Ouagadougou International Airport and Bobo Dioulasso Airport, and the collaboration of IFPLS to carry out airport features can help crews and passengers navigate the visa procedures and provide all necessary services for a successful trip to Burkina Faso.

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