Guinea-Bissau (GGOV / OXB) Aviation Services, Permits , handling, Fuel and Airport fees

Guinea-Bissau (GGOV / OXB) Aviation Services, Permits , handling, Fuel and Airport fees

Guinea-Bissau (GGOV / OXB) Aviation Services, Permits , handling, Fuel and Airport fees

Guinea-Bissau is an African country located directly under Senegal and bordered by Guinea to the south and east, with a window to the Atlantic Ocean to its west.

Guinea-Bissau is warm most of the year with mild temperature fluctuations; it averages 26.3 °C (79.3 °F). Almost rainy from June to October and Dry from December through April.

Guinea-Bissau’s economy depends mainly on the export of agriculture; fish, cashew nuts, and ground nuts.

Guinea–Bissau owns only one airport Bissau/Oswaldo Vieira International with an IATA Code of OXB and ICAO Code of GGOV which operates generally during the daylight from 08:00 until 16:00 GMT. However, the airport working hours can be extended to work 24/7 with prior notification to the Airport authorities.

Obtaining a Landing permit for GGOV / OXB is very simple and does not require too much information, only the general flight information and purpose of flight, crew, and PAX or Cargo details in addition to your planned schedule. Crew rest is allowed in GGOV / OXB, but this airport will not be recommended for Technical stops as fuel price is very expensive compared to the other airports in the region.

Guinea Bissau is located under the Senegal flight information Region and does not appear in the flight plan, There are no reports about an issue with crossing Guinea – Bissau Sky if you have a Senegal overflight permit, but if you are looking to have the overflight permit for Guinea, – Bissau, Guinea – Bissau Civil Aviation Authority (Bissau CAA) will issue the permit for your flight free of charges.

There is only one official ground-handling agent in GGOV / OXB which is mainly Portuguese company TAP SAA LDA, and the only fuel supplier there is Galp Energia.

IFPLS will be pleased to help your flight with overflight or Landing permit in Guinea Bissau, and to assist you in booking your handling and Fuel in GGOV / OXB in addition to recruiting a dedicated Supervisor for all your flights’ purposes, who will be helping your crew to finalize your flights’ procedures and help them locally with their transportation, Hotel accommodation, and catering arrangement.

 If you have any flight or any inquiry about Guinea – Bissau (GGOV / OXB), please don’t hesitate to contact us via email: or via phone call or WhatsApp message to our hotline: +96171122444 to help you immediately without any delay.

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