Fly Smoothly in Mexico with IFPLS Permits

Fly Smoothly in Mexico with IFPLS Permits

Fly Smoothly in Mexico with IFPLS Permits

Planning a flight to Mexico? Let IFPLS handle your overflight and landing permits hassle-free. Reach out to for smooth aviation operations. Fly confidently with IFPLS.

To submit your request efficiently, a Copy of the flight plan will be impressive, also preparing the following requirements is a good idea to save time and avoid any unexpected delay by the Civil aviation authorities:

-        Date of flights

-        ⁠Flight Details; Aircraft Registration, Flight Numbers, Origin, destinations, purpose of flight.

-        ⁠Full set of Aircraft Documents; Registration certificate, Noise Certificate, Airworthiness Certificate, Insurance certificate, Air Operator Certificate (AOC), Airworthiness review (if available).

-        ⁠Entry/ Exit points for the country.

-        ⁠General Declaration for the crew

-        ⁠Pax manifest

Airports in Mexico include:

Acapulco/Gen Juan Alvarez International Located in Acapulco, GRO, MEXICO ICAO - MMAA, IATA – ACA

Aguascalientes/Jesús Teran Intl Located in Aguascalientes, AGU, MEXICO ICAO - MMAS, IATA – AGU

Leon/Bajio/Guanajuato International Located in Leon, GUA, MEXICO ICAO - MMLO, IATA – BJX

Ciudad Obregon International Located in Ciudad Obregon, SON, MEXICO ICAO - MMCN, IATA – CEN

Ciudad Juarez/Abraham Gonzalez Intl Located in Ciudad Juarez, CHH, MEXICO ICAO - MMCS, IATA – CJS

Colima National Located in Colima, COL, MEXICO ICAO - MMIA, IATA – CLQ

Ciudad Del Carmen Located in Ciudad del Carmen, CAM, MEXICO ICAO - MMCE, IATA – CME

Campeche/Ignacio Acuna Ongay Intl Located in Campeche, CAM, MEXICO ICAO - MMCP, IATA – CPE

Chetumal International Located in Chetumal, ROO, MEXICO ICAO - MMCM, IATA – CTM

Culiacan International Located in Culiacan, SIN, MEXICO ICAO - MMCL, IATA – CUL

Cancun International Located in Cancun, ROO, MEXICO ICAO - MMUN, IATA – CUN

Cozumel International Located in Cozumel, ROO, MEXICO ICAO - MMCZ, IATA – CZM

Chihuahua/Gen R Fierro Villalobos Located in Chihuahua, CHH, MEXICO ICAO - MMCU, IATA – CUU

Cuernavaca/Gen Mariano Matamoros Located in Cuernavaca, MOR, MEXICO ICAO - MMCB, IATA – CVJ

General Pedro J Mendez/Ciudad Victoria Intl Located in Ciudad Victoria, TAM, MEXICO ICAO - MMCV, IATA – CVM

Durango International Located in Durango, DUR, MEXICO ICAO - MMDO, IATA – DGO

Guadalajara/Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Located in Guadalajara, JAL, MEXICO ICAO - MMGL, IATA – GDL

Guaymas/Gen Jose Maria Yanez International Located in Guaymas, SON, MEXICO ICAO - MMGM, IATA – GYM

Hermosillo/Gen Ignacio Pesquira Garcia Intl Located in Hermosillo, SON, MEXICO ICAO - MMHO, IATA – HMO

Bahias De Huatulco Located in Bahias del Huatulco, OAX, MEXICO ICAO - MMBT, IATA – HUX

La Paz/Gen Manuel Marquez de Leon Located in La Paz, BCS, MEXICO ICAO - MMLP, IATA – LAP

Los Mochis/Valle Del Fuerte Located in Los Mochis, SIN, MEXICO ICAO - MMLM, IATA – LMM

Loreto Located in Loreto, BCS, MEXICO ICAO - MMLT, IATA – LTO

Lazaro Cardenas Located in Lazaro Cardenas, MIC, MEXICO ICAO - MMLC, IATA – LZC

Matamoros/Gen. Servando Canales Located in Matamoros, TAM, MEXICO ICAO - MMMA, IATA – MAM

Mexico City/Lic Benito Juarez International Located in Mexico City, DF, MEXICO ICAO - MMMX, IATA – MEX

Merida/Lic Manuel Rejon International Located in Merida, YUC, MEXICO ICAO - MMMD, IATA – MID

Morelia/Gen. Francisco J. Mujica Located in Morelia, MIC, MEXICO ICAO - MMMM, IATA – MLM

Minatitlan Located in Minatitlan, VER, MEXICO ICAO - MMMT, IATA – MTT

Monterrey/Gen Mariano Escobedo Located in Monterrey, NLE, MEXICO ICAO - MMMY, IATA – MTY

Gen Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada/Mexicali Intl Located in Mexicali, BCN, MEXICO ICAO - MMML, IATA – MXL

Mazatlan/Gen. Rafael Buelna Located in Mazatlan, SIN, MEXICO ICAO - MMMZ, IATA – MZT

Nuevo Laredo/Quetzalcoatl Intl Located in Nuevo Laredo, TAM, MEXICO ICAO - MMNL, IATA – NLD

Nogales International Located in Nogales, SON, MEXICO ICAO - MMNG, IATA – NOG

Oaxaca/Xoxocotlan Intl Located in Oaxaca, OAX, MEXICO ICAO - MMOX, IATA – OAX

Poza Rica/Tajin National Located in Poza Rica, VER, MEXICO ICAO - MMPA, IATA – PAZ

Puebla/Hermanos Serdan Intl Located in Puebla, PUE, MEXICO ICAO - MMPB, IATA – PBC

Picacho Arng Located in Picacho, AZ, USA ICAO - KPCA, FAA ID – PCA

Puerto Penasco/Mar de Cortes Intl Located in Puerto Penasco, SON, MEXICO ICAO - MMPE, IATA – PPE

Palenque Located in Palenque, CHP, MEXICO ICAO - MMPQ, IATA – PQM

Puerto Vallarta/Lic. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Located in Puerto Vallarta, JAL, MEXICO ICAO - MMPR, IATA – PVR

Puerto Escondido International Located in Puerto Escondido, OAX, MEXICO ICAO - MMPS, IATA – PXM

Queretaro International Located in Queretaro, QUE, MEXICO ICAO - MMQT, IATA – QRO

Reynosa/Gen. Lucio Blanco Intl Located in Reynosa, TAM, MEXICO ICAO - MMRX, IATA – REX

San Jose del Cabo/Los Cabos Intl Located in Los Cabos, BCS, MEXICO ICAO - MMSD, IATA – SJD

San Luis Potosi/Ponciano Arriaga Intl Located in San Luis Potosi, SLP, MEXICO ICAO - MMSP, IATA – SLP

Tampico/Gen. Francisco Javier Mina Located in Tampico, TAM, MEXICO ICAO - MMTM, IATA – TAM

Tapachula International Located in Tapachula, CHP, MEXICO ICAO - MMTP, IATA – TAP

Tehuacan Located in Tehuacan, PUE, MEXICO ICAO - MMHC, IATA – TCN

Tuxtla Gutierrez/Angel Albino Corzo Located in Tuxtla Gutierrez, CHP, MEXICO ICAO - MMTG, IATA – TGZ

Tijuana/Gen. Abelardo L Rodríguez Located in Tijuana, BCN, MEXICO ICAO - MMTJ, IATA – TIJ

Toluca International Adolfo López Mateos Located in Toluca, MEX, MEXICO ICAO - MMTO, IATA – TLC

Tepic Located in Tepic, NAY, MEXICO ICAO - MMEP, IATA – TPQ

Torreon/Francisco Sarabia International Located in Torreon, COA, MEXICO ICAO - MMTC, IATA – TRC

Villa Tamuin/Tamuin Located in Villa Tamuin, SLP, MEXICO ICAO - MMTN, IATA – TSL

Uruapan/Lic Y Gen Ignacio Lopez Rayon Located in Uruapan, MIC, MEXICO ICAO - MMPN, IATA – UPN

Veracruz/Gen Heriberto Jara Corona Intl Located in Veracruz, VER, MEXICO ICAO - MMVR, IATA – VER

Villahermosa/C.P.A. Carlos Rovirosa Perez Intl Located in Villahermosa, TAB, MEXICO ICAO - MMVA, IATA – VSA

Zacatecas/Gen Leobardo C Ruiz Located in Zacatecas, ZAC, MEXICO ICAO - MMZC, IATA – ZCL

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Intl Located in Zihuatanejo, GRO, MEXICO ICAO - MMZH, IATA – ZIH

Manzanillo/Playa De Oro Intl Located in Manzanillo, COL, MEXICO ICAO - MMZO, IATA – ZLO

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