Flight Permits To ETHIOPIA With IFPLS

Flight Permits To ETHIOPIA With IFPLS

Flight Permits To ETHIOPIA With IFPLS

We're thrilled to announce that International Flight Planning Solutions (IFPLS) is now offering overflight permits for flights over the beautiful skies of Ethiopia!

Whether you're planning a scenic aerial tour or a crucial international journey, IFPLS has got you covered. With their streamlined process and commitment to efficiency, securing an overflight permit for Ethiopia has never been easier. Explore the breathtaking landscapes and cultural treasures from above, while IFPLS takes care of the necessary paperwork.


Embark on a remarkable adventure in the skies above Ethiopia, and let IFPLS be your trusted partner in ensuring a seamless and unforgettable flight experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to soar over one of Africa's most captivating destinations with IFPLS by your side!

For inquiries and assistance, feel free to reach out to us at ops@ifpls.aero

IFPLS can handle all necessary services at airports in Ethiopia:

Gonder/Azezo-Atse Tewodros Located in Gonder, ETHIOPIA ICAO - HAGN, IATA – GDQ

Jijiga Located in Jijiga, ETHIOPIA ICAO - HAJJ, IATA – JIJ

Arba Minch Located in Arba Minch, ETHIOPIA ICAO - HAAM, IATA – AMH

Gambella Located in Gambella, ETHIOPIA ICAO - HAGM, IATA – GMB

Semera Located in Semera, ETHIOPIA ICAO - HASM, IATA – SZE

Assosa Located in Assosa, ETHIOPIA ICAO - HASO, IATA – ASO

Gode Located in Gode, ETHIOPIA ICAO - HAGO, IATA – GDE

Axum Emperor Yohannes IV Located in Axum, ETHIOPIA ICAO - HAAX, IATA – AXU

Jimma/Aba Segud Located in Jimma, ETHIOPIA ICAO - HAJM, IATA – JIM

Bahir Dar/Ginbot Haya International Located in Bahir Dar, ETHIOPIA ICAO - HABD, IATA – BJR

Lalibella Located in Lalibela, ETHIOPIA ICAO - HALL, IATA – LLI

Humera Located in Humera, ETHIOPIA ICAO - HAHU, IATA – HUE

Addis Ababa/Lidetta AB Located in Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA ICAO – HAAL

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IFPLS is the best flight support company in the world, and we are working hard to be “Your Intensive Flight Operations Care”.