Essential Data for Operating in Rwanda

Essential Data for Operating in Rwanda

Essential Data for Operating in Rwanda

Rwanda is a beautiful country located in East Africa. The country is known for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and friendly people. If you're a crew member planning to travel to Rwanda, it's essential to know about the main airports, visa procedures, and aviation services available by International Flight Planning Solutions (IFPLS) in the country.

Rwanda has two main airports that serve both domestic and international flights - Kigali International Airport (KGL, HRYR) and Kamembe Airport (KME, HRZA).

Kigali International Airport is the main airport in Rwanda and is located in the capital city of Kigali. The airport has a modern and well-equipped terminal that handles more than two million passengers annually. The terminal has several facilities like restaurants, duty-free shops, lounges, and more. Whereas, Kamembe Airport is located in the western province of Rwanda and serves mainly domestic flights. The airport has a single terminal and is smaller than Kigali International Airport.

If you are traveling to Rwanda as a crew member, you must apply for a visa before entering the country. Visa procedures in Rwanda are relatively simple and crew members can obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport by presenting a valid passport and ID card. Visa fees can be paid in cash or by credit card and the process usually takes just a few minutes. Crew members can also apply for a visa online before arriving in Rwanda. You can obtain an e-visa by completing the online application and paying the visa fee online.

When traveling to Rwanda, you must have access to great flight services to make your trip comfortable and stress-free. IFPLS is the best flight operations company and a leading aviation company offering a wide range of services to crew members and passengers. The company provides ground handling, cargo, and other aviation-related services at two airports across the country, which are Kigali International Airport and Kamembe Airport. IFPLS makes every effort to ensure that offers its customers the highest quality services and a team of experienced specialists ensures that all flight services are delivered efficiently and effectively.

In conclusion, Rwanda is a beautiful country with excellent airports and visa procedures for crew members. If you're planning to travel to Rwanda, it's essential to know about the main airports and the visa procedures. Additionally, partnering with a reliable aviation company like IFPLS can make your journey comfortable and hassle-free.

If you require assistance with any services at these airports, International Flight Planning Solutions is available to help. You can easily reach IFPLS by using the online contact form available at In case you need any extra information or assistance with planning your trip, you can contact the operations department of IFPLS at without any hesitation.

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