Egypt permits and Air navigation Charges

Egypt permits and Air navigation Charges

Egypt permits and Air navigation Charges

Egypt is one of the most important countries in the Middle East, Egypt FIR controls most aircraft operating from Europe to the Gulf region or Africa,

Egypt Civil Aviation Authority provides permits for overflight and Landing, only for the local handlers and companies located in Egypt that are authorized to provide aviation services in Egypt. Generally, no CAA charges are applied for overflight or landing permits in Egypt, only some tiny fees to cover stamps, administration, and communication charges may be applied by the local agents.

Egypt Air navigation fees are collectible by the Euro Control, and they shall be invoiced directly by Euro Control to the operator based on the following formulas:

Navigation Charges for Overflight = T1 x D x P

Navigation Charges for Landing = T2 x D x P

T1 = unite rate which is: 17.03 € starting 01-Jan-19 as per Egypt AIP 

T2 = unit rate for landing which is: 132.44 € starting 01-Jan-19

D = Distance Factor = Distance flown over Egypt in Kilometers divided by one hundred (100)

P = Weight Factor = Square root of (MTOW ÷ 50) = √ (MTOW/50)

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