Effortless Landing Permit Acquisition in Italy with IFPLS

Effortless Landing Permit Acquisition in Italy with IFPLS

Effortless Landing Permit Acquisition in Italy with IFPLS

IFPLS specializes in facilitating landing permits for aircraft operating in Italy. With an intricate understanding of regulatory requirements and streamlined processes, IFPLS ensures swift and hassle-free permit acquisition, allowing operators to navigate Italy's airspace seamlessly. Whether it's arranging permits for commercial flights, private jets, or charter operations, IFPLS handles the entire process with efficiency and precision. By leveraging its expertise and extensive network, IFPLS enables clients to focus on their core operations while entrusting the complexities of permit procurement to reliable hands.

To submit your request efficiently, a Copy of the flight plan will be impressive, also preparing the following requirements is a good idea to save time and avoid any unexpected delay by the Civil aviation authorities:

-        Date of flights

-        ⁠Flight Details; Aircraft Registration, Flight Numbers, Origin, destinations, purpose of flight.

-        ⁠Full set of Aircraft Documents; Registration certificate, Noise Certificate, Airworthiness Certificate, Insurance certificate, Air Operator Certificate (AOC), Airworthiness review (if available).

-        ⁠Entry/ Exit points for the country.

-        ⁠General Declaration for the crew

-        ⁠Pax manifest

Airports in Italy include:

Rome/Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci) Located in Rome, ITALY ICAO - LIRF, IATA – FCO

Milan/Malpensa Located in Milan, ITALY ICAO - LIMC, IATA – MXP

Venice/Tessera Marco Polo (Venezia) Located in Venice, ITALY ICAO - LIPZ, IATA – VCE

Naples/Capodichino (Napoli) Located in Naples, ITALY ICAO - LIRN, IATA – NAP

Milan Linate Located in Milan, ITALY ICAO - LIML, IATA – LIN

Pisa International San Giusto Galileo Galilei Located in Pisa, ITALY ICAO - LIRP, IATA – PSA

Catania Fontanarossa/Vincenzo Bellini Located in Catania, ITALY ICAO - LICC, IATA – CTA

G Marconi/Bologna Borgo Panigale Located in Bologna, ITALY ICAO - LIPE, IATA – BLQ

Palermo/Punta Raisi Falcone Borsellino Located in Palermo, ITALY ICAO - LICJ, IATA – PMO

Rome Ciampino G B Pastine Located in Rome, ITALY ICAO - LIRA, IATA – CIA

Milan Bergamo (Orio Al Serio) Located in Bergamo, ITALY ICAO - LIME, IATA – BGY

Florence Amerigo Vespucci Peretola (Firenze) Located in Florence, ITALY ICAO - LIRQ, IATA – FLR

Cagliari Elmas Located in Cagliari, ITALY ICAO - LIEE, IATA – CAG

Verona Villafranca Valerio Catullo Located in Verona, ITALY ICAO - LIPX, IATA – VRN

Palese/Bari-Karol Wojtyla Located in Bari, ITALY ICAO - LIBD, IATA – BRI

Turin Caselle Sandro Pertini (Torino) Located in Turin, ITALY ICAO - LIMF, IATA – TRN

Genoa Sestri Cristoforo Colombo Located in Genoa, ITALY ICAO - LIMJ, IATA – GOA

Olbia Costa Smeralda Located in Olbia, ITALY ICAO - LIEO, IATA – OLB

Papola-Casale/Brindisi Salento Located in Brindisi, ITALY ICAO - LIBR, IATA – BDS

Lamezia Terme Located in Lamezia, ITALY ICAO - LICA, IATA – SUF

Friuli Venezia Giulia/Ronchi Dei Legionari Located in Trieste, ITALY ICAO - LIPQ, IATA – TRS

Miramare Federico Fellini Rimini International Located in Rimini, ITALY ICAO - LIPR, IATA – RMI

Alghero Fertilia Located in Alghero, ITALY ICAO - LIEA, IATA – AHO

Treviso/S. Angelo/Antonio Canova Located in Treviso, ITALY ICAO - LIPH, IATA – TSF

Umbria-Perugia Int'l San Francesco d'Assisi Located in Perugia, ITALY ICAO - LIRZ, IATA – PEG

Pescara D'Abruzzo Intl Located in Pescara, ITALY ICAO - LIBP, IATA – PSR

Trapani-Birgi Vincenzo Florio Located in Trapani, ITALY ICAO - LICT, IATA – TPS

Reggio Calabria Tito Minniti Located in Reggio di Calabria, ITALY ICAO - LICR, IATA – REG

Parma G Verdi Located in Parma, ITALY ICAO - LIMP, IATA – PMF

Ancona Marche Located in Ancona, ITALY ICAO - LIPY, IATA – AOI

Comiso Pio La Torre Located in Comiso, ITALY ICAO - LICB, IATA – CIY

Crotone Located in Crotone, ITALY ICAO - LIBC, IATA – CRV

Cuneo Levaldigi Located in Cuneo, ITALY ICAO - LIMZ, IATA – CUF

Marina Di Campo Located in Elba Island, ITALY ICAO - LIRJ, IATA – EBA

Bolzano Bozen Located in Bolzano, ITALY ICAO - LIPB, IATA – BZO

Brescia Montichiari Located in Brescia, ITALY ICAO - LIPO, IATA – VBS

Forli L Ridolfi Located in Forli, ITALY ICAO - LIPK, IATA – FRL

Pantelleria AB Located in Pantelleria, ITALY ICAO - LICG, IATA – PNL

Siena-Ampugnano Located in Siena, ITALY ICAO - LIQS, IATA – SAY

Lampedusa Located in Lampedusa, ITALY ICAO - LICD, IATA – LMP

Grosseto (Corrado Baccarini) Located in Grosseto, ITALY ICAO - LIRS, IATA – GRS

Salerno-Costa D'Amalfi Located in Salerno, ITALY ICAO - LIRI, IATA – QSR

Trento Gianni Caproni Located in Trento, ITALY ICAO – LIDT

Foggia Gino Lisa Located in Foggia, ITALY ICAO - LIBF, IATA – FOG

Albenga/Riviera Located in Albenga, ITALY ICAO - LIMG, IATA – ALL

Arbatax Tortoli Located in Arbatax, ITALY ICAO - LIET, IATA – TTB

Decimomannu AB Located in Decimomannu, ITALY ICAO - LIED, IATA – DCI

Taranto-Grottaglie Located in Taranto, ITALY ICAO - LIBG, IATA – TAR

Catania-Sigonella AB Located in Catania, ITALY ICAO - LICZ, IATA – NSY

Aosta Located in Aosta, ITALY ICAO - LIMW, IATA – AOT

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