Authorities in Algeria

Authorities in Algeria

Authorities in Algeria

With a score of 49.7, Algeria has the 162nd-freest economy in the 2021 ranking. Its overall score rose by 2.8 points, mostly as a result of improvements in its financial situation. Algeria is the sixth-largest exporter of natural gas and possesses the tenth-largest global natural gas reserve. Algeria is the most active country for business and commercial flights and has a huge number of domestic and international airports to facilitate travel between the different parts of the country. The oil and gas sector is the nation's primary source of income, accounting for about 70% of all budgetary receipts. Additionally, Algeria works with IFPLS (International Flight Planning Solutions) to carry out these aspects.

Houari Boumediene Airport, also known as Algeria Airport or Algeria International Airport, is the main international airport serving the capital of Algeria. The airport has a restricted schedule for its working hours depending on the day of the week, but you can extend the working hours upon request.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a lengthy closure of the air, land, and marine borders. To find out about any entrance requirements, including exemptions, travelers and air carriers should contact the Algerian authorities.

Entry was previously restricted to Algerian nationals traveling home on repatriation flights, foreigners with diplomatic visas, and personnel of foreign businesses doing business in Algeria. Requests for permission to visit Algeria have to follow a procedure outlined by the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Travelers who think they are eligible to enter Algeria despite all borders being closed shall need to contact their employer and/or their country’s Embassy in Algeria for more information on this process.

In general, travelers should contact the Algerian government to learn about any entrance procedures, such as COVID-19 testing. Prior standards called for documentation of a negative PCR test conducted no earlier than 72 hours before arrival. Personnel who have received vaccinations must also confirm with the authorities that the type and date of their vaccinations are appropriate for entry.

Authorities in Algeria might call for a brief quarantine. Previously, quarantine procedures required a mandatory 14-day stay at a state facility, one's residence (if one was diplomatic), or corporate housing.

Additionally, all airlines are permitted to land in Algeria just for technical refueling, and cargo flights are permitted to land for import or export activities even if it is still challenging to get overnight crew rest in Algeria.

In any of the following Algerian airports, IFPLS will be happy to assist you in getting your overflight, landing, handling, catering, and fueling authorizations.

Airports Names: Houari Boumediene (ALG, DAAG) - Adrar/Touat-Cheikh Sidi Mohamed (AZR, DAUA) -  Ain Oussera AB (DAAQ) - Annaba/Ranah Bitat (AAE, DABB), - Batna/Madracen (Mostepha ben Boulaid) (BLJ, DABT), - Bechar/Boudghene Ben Ali Lotfi/Ouakda AB (CBH, DAOR) - Bejaia/Soummam-Abane Ramdane (BJA, DAAE) - Bilda/Boufarik AFB (DAAK) - Blida/El Boulaida AB (QLD, DAAB)- Bordj Badji Mokhtar (BMW, DATM) - Bou Saada (BUJ, DAAD) - Bou Sfer AB (DAOE ) – Chlef (CFK, DAOI) - Constantine/Mohamed Boudiaf Intl (CZL, DABC) - Djanet/Tiska (DJG, DAAJ) - El Bayadh (EBH, DAOY) - El Golea (ELG, DAUE) - El Qued/Guemar (ELU, DAUO) - Ghardaia/Noumerat-Moufdi Zakaria (GHA, DAUG) - Hassi Messaoud/Oued Irara-Krim (HME, DAUH) - Hassi R’Mel-Tilrhemt/Tillempt (HRM, DAFH) - Illizi/Takhmalt (VVZ, DAAP) - In Guezzam (INF, DATG) - In Salah - Jijel/Ferhat Abbas (GJL, DAAV) - Laghouat Moulay Ahmed Medeghri (LOO, DAUL) - Mascara-Ghriss (MUW, DAOV)- Mecheria AB – Cheikh Bouamama (MZW, DAAY) - Mohamed Kheider/Biskra (BSK, DAUB)- Oran/Ahmed Benbella/Es Senia (ORN, DAOO) - Ouargla Ain Beida (OGX, DAUU), - Reggane AB – Relizane (DAAZ)- Setif/8 Mai 45 (QSF, DAAS) - Sidi Bel Abbes AB ( BFW, DAOS)- Tafaraoui AB (TAF, DAOL) - Tamanrasset/Aguenar (TMR, DAAT) - Tebessa/Cheikkh Larbi Tebessi – Telerghma (TEE, DABS) - Tiaret/Bou Chekif – Timimoun (TID, DAOB)- Tindouf AB (TIN, DAOF)- Tlemcen/Zenata-Messali El Hadj (TLM, DAON) - Touggourt/Sidi Mahdi (TGR, DAUK) - Zarzaitine/In Amenas (IAM, DAUZ).

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