A Haven for Aviation with Stellar Airports and Efficient Visa Procedures

A Haven for Aviation with Stellar Airports and Efficient Visa Procedures

A Haven for Aviation with Stellar Airports and Efficient Visa Procedures

Finland, known for its breathtaking landscapes and modern infrastructure, has established itself as a prominent player in the aviation industry. With state-of-the-art airports, streamlined visa procedures for crew members, and reliable aviation service providers, Finland offers a seamless experience for airlines and passengers alike.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL, EFHK):

As the main gateway to Finland, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport serves as the country's largest international airport. Boasting world-class facilities, efficient operations, and excellent connectivity, it provides a smooth travel experience for millions of passengers every year.

Other Major Airports:

In addition to Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland has several other notable airports including:

Oulu Located in Oulu, FINLAND ICAO - EFOU, IATA – OUL

Tampere Pirkkala Located in Tampere, FINLAND ICAO - EFTP, IATA – TMP

Vaasa Located in Vaasa, FINLAND ICAO - EFVA, IATA – VAA

Kittila Located in Kittila, FINLAND ICAO - EFKT, IATA – KTT

Turku Located in Turku, FINLAND ICAO - EFTU, IATA – TKU

Rovaniemi Located in Rovaniemi, FINLAND ICAO - EFRO, IATA – RVN

Ivalo Located in Ivalo, FINLAND ICAO - EFIV, IATA – IVL

Kuopio Located in Kuopio, FINLAND ICAO - EFKU, IATA – KUO

Kokkola-Pietarsaari/Kruunupyy Located in Kokkola, FINLAND ICAO - EFKK, IATA – KOK

Jyvaskyla AB Located in Jyvaskyla, FINLAND ICAO - EFJY, IATA – JYV

Kuusamo Located in Kuusamo, FINLAND ICAO - EFKS, IATA – KAO

Savonlinna Located in Savonlinna, FINLAND ICAO - EFSA, IATA – SVL

Pori Located in Pori, FINLAND ICAO - EFPO, IATA – POR

Enontekio Located in Enontekio, FINLAND ICAO - EFET, IATA – ENF

Kemi-Tornio Located in Kemi, FINLAND ICAO - EFKE, IATA – KEM

Joensuu Located in Joensuu, FINLAND ICAO - EFJO, IATA – JOE

Kajaani Located in Kajaani, FINLAND ICAO - EFKI, IATA – KAJ

Seinajoki Located in Seinajoki, FINLAND ICAO - EFSI, IATA – SJY

Lappeenranta Located in Lappeenranta, FINLAND ICAO - EFLP, IATA – LPP

Varkaus Located in Varkaus, FINLAND ICAO - EFVR, IATA – VRK

Mariehamn Located in Mariehamn, FINLAND ICAO - EFMA, IATA – MHQ

Halli AB Located in Jamsa, FINLAND ICAO - EFHA, IATA – KEV

Sodankyla Located in Sodankyla, FINLAND ICAO - EFSO, IATA – SOT

Mikkeli City Located in Mikkeli, FINLAND ICAO - EFMI, IATA – MIK

Helsinki-Malmi Located in Helsinki, FINLAND ICAO - EFHF, IATA – HEM

Oulu Airport, Rovaniemi Airport, and Turku Airport. These airports cater to domestic and international flights, offering top-notch services and amenities.

Finland has simplified visa procedures for crew members, ensuring hassle-free entry into the country. Airlines can easily obtain crew visas through the Finnish consulates or embassies, allowing their personnel to operate flights smoothly without unnecessary delays.

Support from International Flight Planning Solutions (IFPLS):

To facilitate aviation operations, Finland is home to the reputable IFPLS which provides comprehensive support to airlines. IFPLS handles a range of essential services, including ground handling, fueling, cargo handling, and passenger services. Their expertise ensures efficient operations and excellent customer satisfaction.

1.     Ground Handling Services:

IFPLS provides in Finland and offers top-tier ground handling services at airports. From baggage handling to aircraft grooming, and fueling to ramp operations, these companies ensure a seamless transition for aircraft and passengers on the ground.

2.     Fueling and Catering:

IFPLS provides excellent fueling and catering services, offering timely fuel deliveries and high-quality catering options. IFPLS’s commitment to safety and efficiency ensures that flights are adequately fueled and passengers are provided with delightful in-flight meals.

3.     Cargo Handling:

For airlines transporting cargo, IFPLS offers reliable and efficient cargo handling services. With specialized facilities and trained personnel, they ensure the secure and swift movement of goods, facilitating international trade and commerce.

4.     Passenger Services:

Passenger satisfaction is paramount in Finland, and IFPLS provides go the extra mile to deliver exceptional customer experiences. From check-in to boarding, baggage handling to passenger assistance, these companies prioritize passenger comfort and convenience.

Finland stands as a shining example of a country that prioritizes aviation excellence. With its world-class airports, simplified visa procedures, and collaboration with IFPLS, Finland offers a supportive environment for airlines and crew members. Whether it's handling ground operations or ensuring passenger satisfaction, Finland's aviation sector sets a high standard for the global industry.

Contact IFPLS at any time using their web portal at https://www.ifpls.com/apply.php. or 24-hour operations department at ops@ifpls.aero for additional information or assistance with your trip.

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