Rwanda Independence Day

Rwanda Independence Day

Rwanda Independence Day


An Ancient Print:

Over 10 thousand years ago, humans settled on this spot of approximately 26.338 Sq. kilometers just few kilometers southern to the equator. Rwanda known as “Land of thousand hills” today 1st July celebrates its 57th Independence Day.

By the 16th, Rwanda became a kingdom and by the 19th century it gained momentum that resulted in an alliance with Germany and Belgium, two major powers in central Africa at that time. WWI bursts and changes the map of Africa. At the end of the war, Germany relinquished its holdings to Belgium, and in turn the later accepted the League of Nations Mandate of 1916 to govern Rwanda and Burundi as the territory Ruanda-Urundi. In 1962 however, the once-joined union gained independence from Belgium to become Rwanda and its neighbor Burundi.

African Democracy:

Rwanda has world’s record of highest representation of women in parliament, as over 60% of parliament members are women. Rwanda is also the only country in the world where people alongside their President participate in National service activities “Umuganda” every last Saturday of month.

Tourism or Business:

According to World Bank’s doing business reports of 2016, Rwanda is the 2nd African country suitable for doing business. The country is considered as one of the best country with high internet connectivity in Africa as Rwandan Government is spreading the internet facilities like construction of fiber optic in all parts of country. Rwanda is one of African leading digital revolutions, as every services needed from any public institution for instance; Tax declaration and payment, Traffic penalties’ payment, Business registration among other services are done online.

Rwanda has 3 National Parks, The country also has many remarkable places to visit depending on the type of tourism you are interesting in like; cultural tourism, Dark tourism, business tourism. building business in Rwanda is too much facilitated and easier than other African countries, for example issuing a certifications for construction or manufacturing business takes around two to three working days and you are ready to go. As a result, Rwanda is often overlooked as a profitable and viable option. The more you stay the more you enjoy the country with excellent hospitality.

IFPLS celebrates this National Day with Rwanda and wishes the country success and peace. We are glad to offer our services to support you in your visit to Rwanda, and we will be happy to provide your business jet or commercial flight with Ground Handling, Jet Fuel, Permits , Accommodation , VIP Services, Meet and assist services in both airports: Kigali International Airport ICAO: HRYR , IATA: KGL and Kamembe airport in Cyangugu, ICAO : HRZA, IATA : KME

IFPLS wish a happy national day for our clients and partners in Rwanda