Russian Day

Russian Day

Russian Day

From the Far East to the doorsteps of Western Europe, and from Tsar to the world’s first peoples’ Union, the biggest country in the world stretches across two continents covering 17 million sq km (6.6 million sq miles), accounting for more than one ninth of Earth’s terrestrial area. This is Russia and today 12th June, it celebrates its National Day. Russia Day is the Day of adoption of the declaration of state sovereignty of RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) back in 1990. The passage of this Declaration by the First Congress of People's Deputies marked the beginning of constitutional reform in the Russian Soviet state.

On this occasion, people may attend concerts and fireworks that take place in many cities throughout the country. Prominent Russian writers, scientists and humanitarian workers receive State Awards from the President of Russia on this day. Naturally, most public offices and schools are closed on June 12. Since the day commemorates the Soviet Union's dissolution, it brings back bitter memories for some. This is because the dissolution initially led to harsh times the country has faced.

In contrast, peoples flow to the streets with high spirits of joy to celebrate this occasion. One of the celebrations in Moscow showcased a three-hour concert and concluded a six-month contest over the "Seven Wonders of Russia". In Red Square, 20 lines of stage pyrotechnics, confetti cannon in the colors of the Russian flag and 100 guns. Many Russians think that this holiday is Russia's Independence Day, but the holiday has never had such a name in official documents.

Russia’s climate is mainly cold as it’s adjacent to the North Pole. However, the country has a moderate European climate during spring and summer. So it’s a thrill to the visit this diverse country for tourism or business purposes. If you’re planning to visit Russia, you need to remember that without the help of local connections, you’ll probably face a number of difficulties. For example, presents symbolizing the stature of your company and the importance of the impending business deal can help establish a good communication with local businessmen. What’s more, Patience is important with Russians as negotiations can often be slow. Here we remember the Russian proverb that states, do not ‘hurry to reply’, but ‘hurry to listen’. Russians don’t usually make an immediate decision in a meeting; usually a certain amount of deliberation is done in private afterwards.

With these points being mentioned and in this great occasion, we at IFPLS are glad to assist you and support your business or tourism needs all over the country. We know that Russian Aviation regulations is too much complicated for most of the Airliners and business operator, but as We are very good listener for our Russian partners advise we have collected the full knowledge of Russian Aviation regulations and we can help you with any issue you may have whenever you have decided to operate to or Over Russia.

IFPLS offers you a variety of services to help you optimize the potentials of your trip success.

Crew Visa, Ground Handling, Permits, Fuel arrangement Hotel Accommodation, VIP Services and Flight planning are some of our services that we can provide in our lovely country Russia, we can provide our client with services at any city or airport of the following list:


ICAO       IATA       Airport / City Name              Airport Type

UNAA      ABA        ABAKAN                          Civil

UEEA       ADH        Aldan , SAK                     Civil

UHMA       DYR        Anadyr, Ugolny                  Civil

URKA       AAQ        Anapa , Vityazevo               Civil

ULMK       KVK        Kirovsk, Apatity, MUR           Civil

ULAH       N/A        Arkhangelsk , Vaskovo           Civil

URWA       ASF        Astrakhan , Narimanovo          Civil

UNBB       BAX        Barnaul, Mikhaylovka , Gherman Titov   Civil

UEBB       BQJ        Batagay                         Civil

UUOB       EGO        Belgorod                        Civil

UHBB       BQS        Blagoveshchensk , Ignatyevo      Civil

UIBB       BTK        Bratsk                          Civil

UUBP       BZK        Bryansk                         Civil

UWKB       UUA        Bugulma                         Civil

UWKS       CSY        Cheboksary , Senyaly            Civil

USCC       CEK        Chelyabinsk-Balandino           Civil

ULWC       CEE        Cherepovets                     Civil

UESS       CYX        Chersky , Cherskiy              Civil

UIAA       HTA        Chita , Kadala                  Civil

URWI       ESL        Elista                          Civil

URKG       GDZ        Gelendzhik                      Civil

URMG       GRV        Grozny , Severny                Civil

UIII       IKT        Irkutsk                         Civil

UUBI       IWA        Ivanovo , Yuzhny                Civil

USII       IJK        Izhevsk                         Civil

UMKK       KGD        Kaliningrad , Khrabrovo          Civil

UUBC       KLF        Kaluga , Grabtsevo              Civil

UWKD       KZN        Kazan                           Civil

UNEE      KEJ        Kemerovo , Alexei Leonov         Civil

UHHH       KHV        Khabarovsk , Novy               Civil

USHH       HMA        Khanty Mansiysk                 Civil

UOHH       HTG        Khatanga                        Civil

USKK       KVX        Kirov/Pobedilovo                Civil

USRK       KGP        Kogalym                         Civil

UHKD                 Komsomolsk-na-Amure ,  Dzemgi    Civil

UHKK       KXK        Komsomolsk-Na-Amure , Khurba     Civil

URKK       KRR        Krasnodar, Pashkovskiy          Civil

UNKL       KJA        Krasnoyarsk , Yemelyanovo        Civil

UUOK       URS        Kursk/Vostochny                 Civil

UUOL       LPK        Lipetsk                         Civil

UHMM       GDX        Magadan , Sokol                 Civil

USCM       MQF        Magnitogorsk                    Civil

UNBG       RGK        Gorno-Altaisk                   Civil

URML       MCX        Makhachkala , Uytash            Civil

URMM       MRV        Mineralnye Vody                 Civil

UERR       MJZ        Mirnyj , Mirny Peace            Civil

UEMA       MQJ        Moma                            Civil

UUBW       ZIA        Zhukovsky ,  Ramenskoye          Civil

UUDD      DME        Moscow/Domodedovo               Civil

UUMB       N/A        Moscow/ Kubinka                 Civil

UUMO       OSF        Moscow/ Ostafyevo               Civil

UUEE       SVO        Moscow/ Sheremetyevo            Civil

UUWW      VKO        Moscow/ Vnukovo                 Civil

ULMM       MMK        Murmansk                        Civil

USDA       SBT        Sabetta , Mys Kamenny           Civil

USMM       NYM      Nadym                           Civil

URMN       NAL      Nalchik                         Civil

USRN       NFG        Nefteyugansk                    Civil

UELL       NER        Neryungri , Chulman            Civil

UWKE       NBC        Nizhnekamsk , Begishevo          Civil

USNN       NJC        Nizhnevartovsk                  Civil

UWGG       GOJ        Strigino , Nizhny Novgorod       Civil

UOOO       NSK        Norilsk , Alykel                Civil

UNWW      NOZ        Novokuznetsk – Spichenkovo      Civil

UNNT       OVB        Novosibirsk , Tolmachevo         Civil

UNNE       NVS        Novosibirsk , Yeltsovka          Civil

USMU       NUX        Novy Urengoy , Jagelnoe         Civil

USRO       NOJ        Noyarbrsk                       Civil

UNOO      OMS        Omsk , Tsentralny               Civil

UWOO       REN        Orenburg / Y A Gagarin          Civil

UWOR       OSW        Orsk                            Civil

UWPP       PEZ        Penza                           Civil

USPP       PEE        Perm/Bolshoe Savino             Civil

UHPP       PKC        Petropavlovsk, Kamchatski, Yelizovo    Military/Civil

ULPB       PES        Petrozavodsk , Besovets          Military/Civil

UHMP       PWE        Pevek                           Civil

UHMD       PVS        Provideniya Bay                 Civil

ULOO       PKV        Pskov                           Civil

URRR       RVI        Rostov-Na-Donu                  Civil

URRP       ROV        Platov                          Civil

USDD       SLY      Salekhard                       Civil

UWWW      KUF        Samara , Kurumoch               Civil

UWPS       SKX        Saransk                         Civil

UWSS       RTW        Saratov , Tsentralny            Civil

URSS       AER        Sochi Adler                     Civil

ULLI       LED        Petersburg Pulkovo              Civil

URMT       STW        Stavropol , Shpakovskoye         Civil

USRR       SGC        Surgut                          Civil

UUYY       SCW        Syktyvkar                       Civil

UEMH       KDY      Teply Klyuch                    Civil

UEST       IKS        Tiksi                           Military / Civil

UNTT       TOF        Tomsk – Bogashevo                Civil

UUWV       TYA        Klokovo AFB                     Military

UUEM       KLD        Tver , Migalovo AB              Military

USTR       TJM        Tyumen , Roschino               Civil

UERP       PYJ        Poliarny/Polyarny               Civil

UWUU       UFA        Ufa                             Civil

UUYH       UCT        Ukhta                           Civil

UIUU       UUD        Ulan-Ude , Mukhino , Baikal      Civil

UWLL       ULV        Ulyanovsk Baratayevka           Civil

UWLW       ULY        Ulyanovsk East , Vostochny       Civil

UUYS       USK        Usinsk                          Civil

UITT       UKX        Ust-Kut                         Civil

UEBT       UKG        Ust-Kuyga                       Civil

URMO       OGZ        Vladikavkaz/ Beslan             Civil

UHWW       VVO        Vladivostok/ Knevichi           Military/ Civil

URWW       VOG        Volgograd / Gumrak              Civil

UUYW       VKT        Vorkuta                         Civil

UUOO       VOZ        Voronezh/ Chertovitskoye         Civil

UEEE       YKS        Yakutsk                         Civil

UUDL       IAR        Yaroslavl / Tunoshna            Civil

USSS       SVX        Yekaterinburg / Koltsovo         Civil

UHSS       UUS        Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk / Khomutovo    Civil