Portugal Day

Portugal Day

Portugal Day


Keeping Europe behind its borders while being open to the ocean they’ve mastered best, Portugal has had the same defined borders since 1139, making it the oldest nation-state in Europe and today the 10th June, the country celebrates its National Day.

This is a day commemorating the death of its national literary figure and poet Camões. He wrote Os Lusíadas (usually translated as The Lusiads), Portugal's national epic poem. The poem focuses mainly on the 15th-century Portuguese explorations and is considered one of the finest and most important works in Portuguese literature. According to popular folklore, Camões saved his epic poem by swimming with one arm while keeping the other arm above water. Since his date of birth is unknown, his date of death is celebrated as Portugal's National Day. Here is an extract from Os Lusíadas:

That the Nymphs of the Ocean, so beautiful,
Tethys and the angelic painted Island,
Are none other than the delightful
Honours that render life sublime

Although celebrations were suspended during rough times in the 20th century, but they resumed later on to even include Portuguese emigrants and their descendants living in communities all around the world. The celebrations involve various military ceremonies, exhibitions, concerts, pageants and parades, and an awards ceremony by the President of the Portuguese Republic.

Being a gate to Europe and the ocean, Portugal has a business friendly environment that encourages investors and a tempting touristy one that attracts visitors from all around the globe. As a touristy country, Portugal has all types of hotels and one of the best cuisines in Europe.

Are you planning to visit Portugal or start a business there? IFPLS is glad to offer its services at all airport and in the country’s cities. We offer:

#Ground Handling #Jet Fuel #Hotel Accommodation #VIP Services #Permits in all Portuguese airports listed herein with :

ICAO      IATA      Airport Name             Airport Type

LPAR      N/A       Alverca do Ribatejo      Military

LPAV      ZAV       Aveiro                   Civilian

LPBJ      BYJ       Beja                     Civil/ Military

LPBR      BGZ       Braga                    Civil

LPBG      BGC       Braganca                 Civil

LPCO      CBP       Coimbra                  Civil

LPTN      N/A       Constancia/Tancos        Military

LPIN      N/A       Espinho                  Civil

LPEV      N/A       Evora Municipal         Civil

LPFR      FAO       Faro Algarve             Civil

LPMR      N/A       Monte Real, Leiria      Military

LPCS      CAT       Cascais, Lisbon          Civil

LPPT      LIS       Humberto Delgado         Civil

LPMT      N/A       Montijo Airbase          Military

LPVL      N/A       Maia-Vilar da Luz        Civil

LPMU      N/A       Lugar da Eira            Civil

LPMU      N/A       Azinhoso Mogadouro       Civil

LPMO      N/A       Montargil- Morargil      Civil

LPOV      N/A       Ovar Airbase             Military

LPSO      N/A       Ponte de Sor             Civil

LPPM      PRM       Portimao                 Civil

LPPR      OPO       Francisco Sa Carneiro    Civil

LPSR      N/A       Santarem-Cosme Pedrogao  Civil

LPSE      N/A       Seia                    Civil

LPST      N/A       Sintra Airbase           Military

LPVR      N/A       Vila Real                Civil

LPVZ      VSE       Viseu Goncalves Lobato   Civil

IFPLS wishes Portugal a happy National Day full of prosperity and success.