Portugal Day

Portugal Day

Portugal Day

Portugal National Day: A Celebration of History and Culture

Portugal National Day, also known as Dia de Portugal or Portugal Day, is a holiday celebrated annually on June 10th. This day marks the death of Luis de Camoes, Portugal's greatest poet, who passed away in 1580. Portugal National Day is an opportunity for Portuguese people all over the world to come together and celebrate their history and culture.

Portugal has a rich cultural heritage that is celebrated on this day. The country has a unique blend of Roman, Celtic, and Moorish influences, which can be seen in its architecture, cuisine, and traditions. The Portuguese are proud of their language, Fado music, and the famous Portuguese tiles, azulejos, which adorn buildings across the country.

In addition to cultural celebrations, Portugal’s National Day is also a time to reflect on the country's history. Portugal is known for its explorers, who sailed the world in search of new lands and treasures. Vasco da Gama, Pedro Alvares Cabral, and Ferdinand Magellan are just a few of the famous Portuguese explorers who changed the course of world history.

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In conclusion, Happy Portugal National Day to all Portuguese people around the world! Let us celebrate this special day with pride and joy, and look forward to a bright future for Portugal and its people.

International Flight Planning Solutions can help by providing aviation services in all Portuguese airports listed below:

Alverca AB Located in Alverca do Ribatejo, PORTUGALICAO – LPAR

Aveiro Located in Aveiro, PORTUGAL ICAO - LPAV, IATA – ZAV

Beja/Beja AB Located in Beja, PORTUGAL ICAO - LPBJ, IATA – BYJ

Braga Located in Braga, PORTUGAL ICAO - LPBR, IATA – BGZ

Braganca Located in Braganca, PORTUGAL ICAO - LPBG, IATA – BGC

Coimbra Located in Coimbra, PORTUGAL ICAO - LPCO, IATA – CBP

Constancia/Tancos AB Located in Constancia, PORTUGAL ICAO – LPTN

Espinho Located in Espinho, PORTUGAL ICAO – LPIN

Evora Municipal Located in Evora, PORTUGAL ICAO – LPEV

Faro Algarve Located in Faro, PORTUGAL ICAO - LPFR, IATA – FAO

Monte Real AB Located in Leiria, PORTUGAL ICAO – LPMR

Cascais Municipal Located in Lisbon, PORTUGAL ICAO - LPCS, IATA – CAT

Lisbon International/Humberto Delgado Located in Lisbon, PORTUGAL ICAO - LPPT, IATA – LIS

Montijo AB Located in Lisbon, PORTUGAL ICAO – LPMT

Maia-Vilar da Luz Located in Maia, PORTUGAL ICAO – LPVL

Lugar da Eira, Azinhoso - Mogadouro Located in Mogadouro, PORTUGAL ICAO – LPMU

Montargil - Morargil Located in Mora, PORTUGAL ICAO – LPMO

Ovar AB (Manobra No 1) Located in Ovar, PORTUGAL ICAO – LPOV

Ponte de Sor Located in Ponte de Sor, PORTUGAL ICAO – LPSO

Portimao Located in Portimao, PORTUGAL ICAO - LPPM, IATA – PRM

Porto (Oporto) Francisco Sa Carneiro Located in Porto, PORTUGAL ICAO - LPPR, IATA - OPO

Santarem - Cosme Pedrogao Located in Santarem, PORTUGAL ICAO – LPSR

Seia Located in Seia, PORTUGAL ICAO – LPSE

Sintra AB Located in Sintra, PORTUGAL ICAO – LPST

Vila Real Located in Vila Real, PORTUGAL ICAO - LPVR, IATA – VRL

Viseu Goncalves Lobato Located in Viseu, PORTUGAL ICAO - LPVZ, IATA – VSE

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