Overflight and Landing Permits for Malaysia with IFPLS

Overflight and Landing Permits for Malaysia with IFPLS

Overflight and Landing Permits for Malaysia with IFPLS

Need Overflight and Landing Permits for Malaysia? Look no further! IFPLS has got you covered! Simply contact ops@ifpls.aero for all the details and any questions you may have. Smooth skies ahead!

To submit your request efficiently, a Copy of the flight plan will be impressive, also preparing the following requirements is a good idea to save time and avoid any unexpected delay by the Civil aviation authorities:

-        Date of flights

-        ⁠Flight Details; Aircraft Registration, Flight Numbers, Origin, destinations, purpose of flight.

-        ⁠Full set of Aircraft Documents; Registration certificate, Noise Certificate, Airworthiness Certificate, Insurance certificate, Air Operator Certificate (AOC), Airworthiness review (if available).

-        ⁠Entry/ Exit points for the country.

-        ⁠General Declaration for the crew

-        ⁠Pax manifest

Airports in Malaysia include:

Sepang/Kuala Lumpur International Located in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMKK, IATA – KUL

Kota Kinabalu International Located in Kota Kinabalu, MALAYSIA ICAO - WBKK, IATA – BKI

Pulau/Langkawi International Located in Langkawi, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMKL, IATA – LGK

Kuantan/Sultan Ahmad Shah Located in Kuantan, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMKD, IATA – KUA

Malacca Intl/(Melaka) Batu Berendam Located in Malacca, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMKM, IATA – MKZ

Kuching International Located in Kuching, MALAYSIA ICAO - WBGG, IATA – KCH

Penang International Located in Penang, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMKP, IATA – PEN

Kuala Lumpur/Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah/Subang Located in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMSA, IATA - SZB

Sandakan Located in Sandakan, MALAYSIA ICAO - WBKS, IATA – SDK

Labuan Island Located in Labuan Island, MALAYSIA ICAO - WBKL, IATA – LBU

Kota Bharu/Sultan Ismail Petra Located in Kota Bharu, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMKC, IATA – KBR

Mukah (New) Located in Mukah, MALAYSIA ICAO - WBGK, IATA – MKM

Kuala Terengganu/Sultan Mahmud Located in Kuala Terengganu, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMKN, IATA – TGG

Pulau Tioman Located in Pulau Tioman, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMBT, IATA – TOD

Johor Bahru/Senai International Located in Johor Bahru, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMKJ, IATA – JHB

Sibu Located in Sibu, MALAYSIA ICAO - WBGS, IATA – SBW

Tawau Located in Tawau, MALAYSIA ICAO - WBKW, IATA – TWU

Alor Setar/Sultan Abdul Halim Located in Alor Setar, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMKA, IATA – AOR

Bintulu Located in Bintulu, MALAYSIA ICAO - WBGB, IATA – BTU

Ipoh/Sultan Azlan Shah Located in Ipoh, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMKI, IATA – IPH

Miri Located in Miri, MALAYSIA ICAO - WBGR, IATA – MYY

Pulau Redang Located in Redang, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMPR, IATA – RDN

Mulu Located in Mulu, MALAYSIA ICAO - WBMU, IATA – MZV

Lahad Datu Located in Lahad Datu, MALAYSIA ICAO - WBKD, IATA – LDU

Kerteh Located in Kerteh, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMKE, IATA – KTE

Limbang Located in Limbang, MALAYSIA ICAO - WBGJ, IATA – LMN

Tanjung Manis Located in Tanjung Manis, MALAYSIA ICAO - WBTM, IATA – TGC

Butterworth AB Located in Butterworth, MALAYSIA ICAO - WMKB, IATA – BWH

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