Iran Permits fees and Air Navigation Charges

Iran Permits fees and Air Navigation Charges

Iran Permits fees and Air Navigation Charges

Iran is very important country in the middle east region, its FIR is huge and control the route of most flights operating from Australia and Far east to Europe and vice versa,

Iran Civil Aviation authority are providing permits to overflight and Landing, only for agents who are having a previous accounts and deposits to cover  Navigation charges of the operators in advance, any operator or flight service provider can contact the civil aviation to apply for the overflight or landing permits, but Iran Airport company who is managing the financial payments for operators will only respond to few companies who have deposit in their accounts to cover the Navigation charges that will be incurred during the flight operations.

Iran overflight and Landing permit will be provided free of charge by Iran Civil aviation for agents who are authorized by them to coordinate for the navigation payment. Agents are invoicing various prices for such service based on their own price list.

Iran Air Navigation charges will be calculated based on the Maximum take- off weight and the distance crossed over Iran according to the following formula: 0.004 USD per ton for each km flown. Minimum amount to be charged 100 USD per flight. 

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