Iceland National Day

Iceland National Day

Iceland National Day

Iceland celebrates its national day on June 17 every year to recognize the year that it gained independence from Denmark. On this day, which is observed nationwide by parades, concerts, and other cultural events, Icelanders unite to celebrate their distinctive history and culture.

International Flight Planning Solutions, Iceland's national airport and air navigation service provider, is one aviation firm that contributes significantly to the smooth running of the celebrations. IFPLS offers a comprehensive range of services to both domestic and international airlines, ensuring the smooth operation of all flights to and from Iceland.

IFPLS’s services include air traffic control, ground handling, airport security, and airport management. They also operate several airports across Iceland, including Keflavik International Airport, which is the country's largest and busiest airport.

During Iceland National Day, IFPLS works closely with local authorities and event organizers to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This includes coordinating flights, managing airport traffic, and providing logistical support for events and activities taking place around the country.

IFPLS’s contribution to Iceland National Day is just one example of the company's commitment to providing world-class aviation services to Iceland and its visitors. Whether you're traveling to Iceland for business or pleasure, IFPLS’s expertise and dedication ensure that your experience is safe, efficient, and enjoyable.

In conclusion, Iceland National Day is a special occasion for Icelanders to celebrate their independence and rich cultural heritage. IFPLS, Iceland's national airport and air navigation service provider, plays a crucial role in making this celebration possible by providing a range of essential aviation services. Thanks to IFPLS’s expertise and commitment, travelers to Iceland can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience at the country's airports, whether they are coming to join in the festivities or simply to explore all that Iceland has to offer.

If you require assistance with any services at airports in Russia, International Flight Planning Solutions is available to help. You can easily reach IFPLS by using the online contact form available at In case you need any extra information or assistance with planning your trip, you can contact the operations department of IFPLS at without any hesitation.

International Flight Planning Solutions can help by providing aviation services in all Icelandic airports listed below:

Akureyri is Located in Akureyri, ICELAND ICAO - BIAR, IATA – AEY

Bakki Located in Bakki, ICELAND ICAO – BIBA

Bildudalur Isafjordur Located in Bildudalur, ICELAND ICAO - BIBD, IATA – BIU

Egilsstadir is Located in Egilsstadir, ICELAND ICAO - BIEG, IATA – EGS

Grimsey is Located in Grimsey, ICELAND ICAO – BIGR

Hofn Hornafjordur Located in Hofn, ICELAND ICAO - BIHN, IATA – HFN

Husavik Located in Husavik, ICELAND ICAO - BIHU, IATA – HZK

Isafjordur is Located in Isafjordur, ICELAND ICAO - BIIS, IATA – IFJ

Keflavik International Located in Keflavik, ICELAND ICAO - BIKF, IATA – KEF

Olafsvik/Rif Located in Olafsvik, ICELAND ICAO - BIRF, IATA – OLI

Patreksfjordur Located in Patreksfjordur, ICELAND ICAO - BIPA, IATA – PFJ

Reykjavik Located in Reykjavik, ICELAND ICAO - BIRK, IATA – RKV

Saudarkrokur/Alexander Located in Saudarkrokur, ICELAND ICAO - BIKR, IATA – SAK

Stykkisholmur Located in Stykkisholmur, ICELAND ICAO - BIST, IATA – SYK

Thingeyri is Located in Thingeyri, ICELAND ICAO - BITE, IATA – TEY

Thorshofn is Located in Thorshofn, ICELAND ICAO – BITN

Vestmannaeyjar is Located in Vestmannaeyjar, ICELAND ICAO - BIVM, IATA – VEY

Vopnafjordur Located in Vopnafjordur, ICELAND ICAO - BIVO, IATA - VPN

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