COVID-19 Empower Business Jets Charter Market

COVID-19 Empower Business Jets Charter Market

COVID-19 Empower Business Jets Charter Market

Finally, one positive thing found inside the hell of COVID-19 crisis, Corona Virus empower the business Charter market.

Indeed, private jet traveling is booming due to the growing fear over corona virus and Suspending too much commercial airlines flights.

What are the reasons of this business flights requests booming?

Private jet operators are seeing a spike in demand on private and business jets for the following reasons:

1-      Well-heeled travelers look to minimize their public exposure and find alternatives to suspended flights.

2-      Big businesses and wealthy people are chartering private jets for “evacuation flights” out of countries hit by the corona virus outbreak.

3-      Over the past few weeks, there’s undoubtedly been a rise in demand for short notice on-demand charter relating to the corona virus Covid-19 Ambulance flights.

4-      New clients have entered to the business charter market, as In many cases, passengers who don’t usually fly by private aviation but are looking to protect themselves, their families and relatives have found the only way to escape out of the hell of corona infected regions

5-      Requests have included groups who are looking for transport within Asia and a family traveling to another safe countries, who wanted to avoid exposure to other people on a commercial flight.

6-      Businessmen who used to travel via first class and business class for their business trips, are now obliged to use business jets for traveling after suspending huge number of flights between countries.


But how business jets can avoid or overcome hundreds of NOTAMS and suspension for all flights from the infected countries, or operate to countries that implemented too much restrictions to preserve itself from Corona infections?

There are tens of tricks that can help business jet owners to enable them to operate to the targeted locations without any barrier; these tricks are legal and officially permitted by the local authorities for each country and Implementing  ICAO and WHO recommendations, this tricks include but not limited to the following ideas:

-          If passengers are operating from not infected origin, they can operate safely and avoid crowded airlines and avoid possibly infections.

-         passengers who are operating from the infected origin, they can operate to neutral country that can provide 14 days quarantine for the arrival passengers, then allow them to travel to another country after confirming they are not infected.

-          If the passengers have never visited infected countries in the last 3 weeks and provided the needed documents, they may be able to break any regulation related to corona if their nationalities are forbidden to enter to the country due to corona fears.

-          Too much other legal procedures are applicable if you may need to operate such flights to any country suspension flights due to Covid-19.


At the end, no one is happy for imposing too much restrictions and list of prohibited flights that caused too much losses in the Aviation and most of business fields till the date. International Flight planning Solutions – IFPLS, is  trying to help business owners, business jet operators and Commercial airliners to overcome the current bad crisis, and we already helped good numbers of business men, business operators and commercial airliners to operate several flights although of the restrictions and difficulties they are facing today. 

finally. if you have any business chance, it worth trying before your reject it easily. try hard and you may find a solution, and always remember our advice:

“if you're having bad days doesn't mean you're having a bad life.”


If you may require our consultancy or help in this regard, IFPLS will be pleased to help you 24/7 via our operations team email; [email protected]