Lebanon Navigation Charges, Landing & Overflight Permits Fees

Lebanon Navigation Charges, Landing & Overflight Permits Fees

Lebanon Navigation Charges, Landing & Overflight Permits Fees

Lebanon Civil Aviation Authority is providing overflight permits and landing permit to the applicant directly, but they would prefer to apply it via agent who is responsible to pay the Air navigation fees on behalf of the operator.

Lebanon Civil Aviation authority bans old Russian aircrafts such as Antonov, Ilyushin, Beriev , Sukhoi, Tupolev or  Yakovlev that are older than 15 years old to operate to Lebanon, exceptional permits may be approved if the aircraft may have diplomatic clearance and proved the aircraft qualifications, airworthiness and performance are safe to operate without any problems.


Lebanon Overflight permits and Landing permits are issued by Iraq CAA free of charge, only stamps fees and AFTN shall be paid later after getting the CAA answer, regardless if the permit is approved or not, canceled or operated. Lebanon CAA issue AFTN fees to the applicant for each aircraft registration to cover the internal and external correspondences that use AFTN messages, the AFTN charge invoices will be vary based on the number of characters used in the application and the permit messages and number of messages sent and received by Lebanese CAA, some AFTN invoices maybe reach over 100 USD if you didn’t apply for your permit wisely,  therefore, it is highly recommended to apply it via local agent who can minimize the number of messages and can coordinate most CAA procedures via cheaper communication methods such as phones and direct by hand applications.

Air navigation charges shall be collected from each aircraft overflying Lebanese Airspace, in accordance with the maximum take-off weight (MTOW) as follows:

Aircraft MTOW 70 tons or less: 50 USD

Aircraft MTOW over 70 tons: 100 USD


Should you need any further information, or you may need any assist to get your Lebanon overflight or landing permit, please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 operations : [email protected]